Several Tourist Destinations Bar Unvaccinated Travelers

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We’ve witnessed many pandemic era restrictions for people who have not chosen to be vaccinated in order to travel. Some destinations however, barred unvaccinated travelers altogether.

One of the traveler’s favorite destination this summer, Portugal, requested from travelers who have not received full vaccination to quarantine for 14 days. Travelers who planned vacation in Portugal expressed frustration from the country’s incessantly changing rules for entering the country due to COVID-19.

For families going on vacation in Portugal all family members will have to be double vaccinated as reported by the media. Due to such restrictions some families canceled their planned vacation in Portugal due to parents or children who have not been double or fully vaccinated.

Other destinations barring unvaccinated travelers include Malta, Spain, and Balearic Islands.

According to media reports those arriving back in the UK must take two tests and quarantine for ten days if they traveled to Portugal and Spain, countries that are currently on the UK’s Amber list.

Malta requires only fully vaccinated travelers to enter the island from the UK. Children under 12 would also be allowed accompanied by parents who had received both vaccination doses. Malta also requires that younger children must also show evidence of negative PCR tests.

Travelers can prove that they are fully vaccinated if they can show NHS Covid Pass to prove their vaccination status.

The UK government says one is eligible to get the NHS Covid Pass if:

  • Travelers received double or the full course of the vaccine
  • Have been vaccinated in England
  • Travelers are aged 16 and over
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    The problem is no vaccination is a bullet proof against Covid.

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