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Please begin by entering a departure destination in the "ORIGIN" field. You can input either a city name or an airport code.

For instance, if your departure point is London, input "London" into the "ORIGIN" field. Since London is served by several airports, you will find them listed in a dropdown menu. Select your preferred airport from the options provided. In case you leave the "ORIGIN" field empty, the displayed results will include flights departing from all possible airports that serve London.

The same principle applies to the "DESTINATION" box. Enter the name of a city or an airport code.

If you do not choose a particular airport, the search results will display all available flights from all airports serving both the departure and arrival destinations.

Next, proceed to choose your departure date. In case you are booking a one-way flight, you can leave the "Return Date" field empty.

The drop-down menu for "Passenger/Class" provides various choices to enable you to set the number of adult passengers and accompanying children, including infants.

By default, the search results will display economy class tickets unless you specifically select "Business Class" from the options provided in the Passenger/Class drop-down menu.

To change the currency or language, you can utilize the Select Language/Select Currency drop-down menu. It's recommended to make these adjustments before conducting a search.

We have implemented various filters to help you refine your flight search results. Depending on your chosen dates and destinations, the search results can range from a few hundred to several thousand potential flight options. This extensive range is a testament to the remarkable power of Flight Hunter's search engine.

Whether you have a preference for morning departures, noon arrivals, direct flights with a specific airline, or traveling with only carry-on luggage, our filters are here to help tailor your search results to match your travel requirements and preferences. You have the flexibility to utilize each filter individually or combine multiple filters based on your specific flight preferences. It's worth noting that all filters are initially set to their maximum values.

Let's take a brief look at each filter as they are presented from top to bottom on our website. Feel free to experiment with various filter combinations to observe how the search results transform, allowing you to identify and focus on the flights that align with your travel plans.

All Tickets/Best Tickets: This filter presents either all available tickets or the best-priced options.

SORT: The drop-down menu within this filter enables you to organize tickets according to factors such as Price, Travel Time, Early Flights, or Late Flights.


  • All: Displays all available flights with every possible number of stops.
  • 1 stop: Reveals flights with only one intermediate stop.
  • 2 stops: Presents flights with two or more intermediate stops.

Please take note that if your search results do not include any flights with just one stop, selecting the "1 stop" option will result in no flights being displayed.


It's essential to be aware that unless you possess a privileged status with an airline, you are likely to incur charges for checked baggage. The flight fare can vary based on whether you plan to check in luggage. Notably, some budget airlines might even impose fees for carry-on baggage.

  • All: Displays all flights, irrespective of whether they include checked baggage or not.
  • Without baggage: Shows flights where the displayed price does not encompass checked-in baggage fees.
  • Luggage and carry-on: Presents flights where the displayed price covers the cost of checked baggage.


If your flights include layovers, adjust the slider bar to the left or right to decrease or increase the duration of your stop or stops. For instance, you may not wish to spend more than 2 hours at any single stop. Slide the right side to the left to reduce the duration of each stop (layover time) until you reach a value of 2 hours. This filter is notably useful and essential. The lower the flight cost, the more likely the layover time is longer. An extended layover time corresponds to an extended overall trip duration. Shifting the bar left or right automatically refines your search results, reflecting your choice and displaying only flights that align with your search criteria.


When the slider bar is moved left or right, it will filter flights to display only those within the predetermined price range.


Utilize this filter to define the time frames for your desired departure and arrival times. Adjust the slider bar left or right to set the time frames. As you make adjustments, the flight results will dynamically adapt according to your selections. Keep in mind that more affordable flights often translate to longer travel times, and your arrival time at the destination might fall on the subsequent day. Be attentive! This filter helps omit flights arriving on the following day from your search results. The options within this filter may differ based on whether you have a one-way, round-trip, or multi-city ticket. Each departure and arrival location presents an option under this filter. However, the filter does not offer choices for selecting departure and/or arrival times during layovers. For instance, if you're flying from London, UK to Frankfurt, Germany, and back, the filter will display 4 options: Departure from London, Arrival in Frankfurt, Departure from Frankfurt, and Arrival in London.


Use this filter to specify your preferred travel duration. Cheaper flights generally entail longer travel times, even exceeding 24 hours. For example, you can adjust the travel time based on past travel experiences or personal preferences. As you shift the slider left or right, the flight search will automatically adapt and exclude flights that do not meet your chosen time criteria.


When the flight search presents flights with stops or connections, use this filter to specify your preference for connecting airports. For instance, if you are traveling between London and Frankfurt, Germany, and back, you might encounter up to 30 potential airport connections, representing all feasible flights connecting the designated destinations. Opt for "ALL" at the top of the list of connecting airports to view all available flights with connections. Unselect "ALL" and choose one or several airports where you prefer your connections to occur. The results will adjust automatically to your selections.


Do you have a preferred airline for your flight? Use this filter to exclusively display flights from specific airlines in the search results. Click on "ALL" to view all available airlines that offer travel between the chosen destinations.


In cases where a destination boasts multiple airports, this filter gives you the option to select either "ALL" or solely one or a few departure or arrival airports. For example, when flying from London to Frankfurt, Germany, this filter will present 6 airports in the London area and 2 in Frankfurt for you to choose from.


This filter provides a list of the principal travel agencies that offer flight tickets in your search results. By selecting or deselecting any of these agencies, you can include or exclude flights from the search results accordingly.

We do not directly sell flight tickets and hotel bookings. Instead, we locate websites where such tickets and bookings are available, based on your search criteria. You will then be redirected to the respective website to finalize your flight or hotel booking.
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