Countries Scramble to Reopen Borders to Vaccinated Travelers

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IATA welcomes vaccinated travelers
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

The international Air Transit Association (IATA) welcomed the growing number of countries who are reopening their boarders to vaccinated travelers.

It remains to be seen whether granting access to vaccinated travelers in certain countries would stop the spreading of the disease as no vaccine is bullet proof for COVID-19, according to scientists.

IATA supports reopening and unrestricted access to fully vaccinated travelers, according to the agency. The latest data shows that more than 20 countries have lifted restrictions to fully vaccinated travelers.

Germany, for example, reopened its boarders and made quarantine alleviation for vaccinated travelers and those travelers who are fully vaccinated are no longer subject to quarantine measures.

In the US, some airlines made an effort to promote vaccines to Americans and offered various incentives to their loyalty program members. Last month, United Airlines offered MileagePlus loyalty program free flights “Your Shot to Fly” sweepstakes and the chance to win a year’s worth of free travel to their loyalty members who receive the vaccines within the promotion period.

But some travelers expressed frustration at the destinations ever changing regulations. Some said they are eager to travel and reconnect with friends and family or take that long awaited vacation that they had to postpone or outright cancel due to COVID-19, but also that they are unsure of the efficacy of the vaccines to fully eradicate the pandemic.

There are several reasons why in-flight transmission of COVID-19 is very low, according to IATA:

  • Seating position – most of the time during your flight you are seated facing forward.
  • Seat backs – Seat backs act as a solid barrier and reduce the chances of breathing someone else’s expelled breathing.
  • Air Flow – air flow rate is high in an aircraft and is less conductive to droplet spread due to the fast air exchange, according to scientists.
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