Flight Hunter joins the social media network MeWe

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MeWe social Media

We’re happy to welcome you at our new home – the next generation social media network MeWe.

Find us at: mewe.com/i/flighthunter

MeWe is free to use, free of ads, and with privacy of users personal information in mind. Best of all it’s free of censorship!

Facebook, had become a place for massive users’ data collection. The network itself has turned into a giant advertising agency by selling users’ data to advertisers.

Users at Facebook are just a commodity and no longer a community.

We feel excited, though, to embark on this new journey with MeWe. Become part of our traveling community.

We will continue to write about important news in the aviation industry.

But most of all, search our flight and hotel booking engine for prices and travel opportunities that fit everybody’s need.

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