EU face masks requirement lifted on flights and airports

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no more face masks requirement in EU and the US

Starting on May 16, 2022, European Union officially lifts the ban on the mandatory face mask requirement. A number of US airlines made the move to scrap mandatory face mask wearing last month. In the mean time many European countries have ended or relaxed COVID-19 rules.

While EASA (European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency) stresses that the face mask is still among the best preventive measures against the virus it is considered a big step forward in normalization of air travel.

“Passengers should, however, behave responsibly and respect the choices of others around them. And a passenger who is coughing and sneezing should strongly consider wearing a face mask for the reassurance of those seated nearby,” EASA Executive Director, Patrick Ky pointed out.

The updated guideline of EASA and ECDC (European Center for Disease Control) which advised the EU countries to lift the mandatory face mask requirement on flights and airports, has also been welcomed by the Airports Council International (ACI).


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