Airline secrets travelers should know about

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secrets of airlines and flight attendants

Whether you are a business or leisure airplane traveler, booking tickets, checking luggage, and flying to your destination are not always the most pleasant and comfortable experiences. The following tips have been collected from experienced travelers and flight attendants:

How to save money on buying tickets

According to frequent travelers buying tickets with a connecting flight to a city you need to stop at can be cheaper than a direct flight. Another trick to use on the websites of airline companies is to switch your browser to incognito mode. This way airline websites won’t be able to record your search history and offer you more expensive tickets by selecting for you seemingly increased ticket costs.

One important rule for booking more affordable flights is to book your flight six weeks in advance and on Tuesdays after 3 pm. The most expensive tickets are sold on Monday morning or Friday evening, which is the busiest time. Check out more tips and tricks on how to book airfare.

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How to choose the right seat

Experienced travelers book seats 11 and 12 because many people don’t book seat number 13 due to superstition. Also, if you are planning to take a nap during the flight choose the window seat. Aisle seats can be irritating for a lot of passengers because the armrest can’t be lifted unless you press a secret button. Flight attendants are not likely to tell you about it on purpose as it protects you from getting hit by a food cart. Check our complete guide on finding the best airline seat

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Why do flight attendants size you up

We think flight attendants stand at the entrance of the airplane when we are boarding simply to greet us. However, a flight attendant with a huge following on social media, explained that the crew keeps an eye out for ABPs or Able Body Persons who can help them in case of emergency.

Flight attendants are not responsible for lifting your bags

According to flight attendants’ unions in the US, unions won’t cover flight attendants if they get an injury trying to lift your bag into the overhead bin. In addition, flight attendants get paid only for flight hours, not for time spent boarding and unboarding passengers on the plane. For example, flight attendants may be on duty for 14 hours, but may get paid for 8 hours of work.

Service may be better at the end of the plane

Most passengers chose front seats at the aircraft so they could exit the plane first upon arrival. They also prefer the front seats to be first in line for their preferred meal option. But if you are sitting towards the back usually you will receive the most attentive service.

Don’t ever treat flight attendants poorly

Flight attendants are not waiters! Keep in mind that they receive rigorous training during which if they don’t score at least 90% on a test, they get sent home. They receive heavy safety training along with aircraft technical training, including how to extinguish onboard fire. So, it’s a tough job that deserves the passenger’s respect.

Pay attention to your clothes

Wear a comfortable outfit but put some effort into it if you want better treatment aboard a plane. Don’t look as if you grabbed clothes off the floor and ran out of the house. Looking presentable is the first step towards getting the crew to like you. As one flight attendant shared on social media, “I first noticed how passengers are dressed.” Here are some more tips on how to travel comfortably and stress-free.

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Keep in mind that one of the dirtiest parts of the plane is the tray tables. In some instances, people change baby diapers and even rest their feet on them. Blankets and pillows are often nicely repackaged but have not been washed after use. And if you walk bare feet or you’re in your socks consider the spill on the lavatory floor may not be from water. It’s not the cleanest environment according to flight attendants and seasoned travelers.

Opt for bottled water while on the plane

Flight attendants advise on social media to avoid hot water on the plane due to aircraft water lines are usually never cleaned. Flight attendants would not drink hot water, plain coffee, or plain tea. Some flight attendants suggest that all drinking water should be bottled due to aircraft water tanks can have bacteria buildup.

Drinking alcohol

If you opt for drinking alcohol consider that alcohol tends to hit passengers harder on the plane due to altitude. Alcohol affects the brain differently at high altitudes. The rule is usually two-to-one: one in the air for two on the ground. In addition, it is illegal for passengers to get intoxicated on a plane and it is illegal for flight attendants to get you drunk. So, don’t argue if the next drink you ordered doesn’t show up. Obviously, it was time for you to stop drinking more alcohol.

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