Travel Experts Foresee “Revenge Travel” this Summer

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As the new hot term for this summer “Revenge Travel” may instill apprehension to the passengers, what the phrase suggests may be great for the tourism and air travel industry revival.

The made-up phrase “Revenge travel” was created in the wake of easing up of the corona virus pandemic restrictions which have brought international travel almost to a halt during the pandemic era.

According to travel experts, the more of the COVID – 19 travel restrictions that were imposed in the summer of 2020, the more of the revenge travel is expected now – demand for air travel has increased exponentially and many Americans consider vacations in their favorite destinations throughout Europe and around the world this summer, according to media reports.

Travel experts also suggest that this summer many people whose last year’s vacations were altered or even outright canceled due to the pandemic will be booking more trips in order to make up for the lost time during the pandemic and reconnect with their friends and family once again.

Return to travel can mean easing up of the COVID-19 measures at the airports. However, as more families prepare to pack up, more bottlenecks and long lines at checkpoints during the airport process are expected. And as the summer officially begins on June 20, “Revenge Travel” may result in more air travel rage incidents, travel experts pointed out – a continuation of an unfortunate trend at the airports due to outraged travelers.

In addition, many of the pandemic-induced customer-flexibility airline bookings may be terminated as travel industry returns to the normal economy proven policies.

Whether any of us are planning a “Revenge Travel” or not this summer, airline operators will be dealing with full flights and congested ramps and terminals, according to travel experts. After all, not long ago airlines would have been happy with anyone onboard their planes. And as the experts noted a bullish summer is possible but it may take awhile for the industry’s full recovery.

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