4 tips on how to save on your next vacation

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four ways to save on your vacation
Pissidi, Greece. (Photo by Flight-hunter)

Summer 2022 is going to be like no other. For the past two years the world went through a major pandemic. Global travel was highly restricted. But this summer things eased up. It seems we are all ready to crash on the beach and forget about all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. 

Here are 4 tips on how to save on your next summer vacation. 

1. Don’t travel over the weekends or during major holidays

Weekends and long national holidays are the perfect time for this long awaited summer holiday. They add up these extra days to our vacation. 

However, more  people chose to travel over weekends and holidays. They drive the price of travel and cost of accommodation up. We will pay more for our flight or hotel stay. And that is not a good way to save. 

The solution is to avoid weekends and holidays altogether. Traveling and planning a holiday during the week may offer you a lesser cost. The key is to be flexible. 

But travel flexibility may not always be possible. Often we have set dates for our vacation. Regardless of the case, avoiding weekends and holidays is the best way to start saving for this summer vacation. 

2. Look for a cheaper destination

visit Kallithea-greece
Kallithea, Greece. (Photo by Flight-hunter)

There are so many beautiful vacation destinations . Sometimes it is hard to pick one. But it all depends on what we prefer and how much we are ready to spend. 

A vacation on the beach in a popular resort would cost more than a mountain getaway. And the closer the place to the beach the more expensive it gets. The trendier the places and the more crowded. A place with all the bells and the whistles is attractive but it will also cost more. 

The accommodation cost is not the only price we have to consider.  The transportation cost, the price for local transit, the restaurants, and the cost of local attractions also need to be looked at. 

Google Reviews are a good source of information on what to expect if you have visited this destination before.. Don’t read only the five star reviews. The more realistic reviews often are those with one and two stars. The key is to find a place that is affordable according to your budget and needs. 

3. Consider alternative accommodation

The best accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean to book the best hotel in town. Companies like airbnb.com changed the way we travel. They offer a variety of private accommodations that can best fit our style and needs. 

It may be cheaper to rent an apartment or a vacation home than a room in a hotel. Look into different options and don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit. For example, plan a trip with friends and family and rent a house with several bedrooms. Share the cost of accommodation. Once you split the cost for renting you may end up paying way less than booking at a hotel. You just have to look into what may be more affordable and what works best for your budget.

4. Driving or flying

Driving or flying to your destination is worth giving it a thought. Taking a plane may not always be the most economic way of travel. 

Consider these questions: 

  • How far is your destination location?
  • Is there easy access to a nearby airport?
  • Is it in another country?
  • Are there freeways that can take you there faster?

If you prefer the comfort of an airplane and want to avoid a long and exhausting drive, a low cost airline might do the trick.  Do consider, however, that budget airlines often do not serve major airports. They fly to secondary or local airports. This is one of the ways they keep their operation cost low. 

How Low Cost Airlines Do It?

Once you arrive at an airport find the cost of transportation to your vacation destination. It could be by public transit which is always the cheapest. But not the fastest or the most convenient.  Renting a car or taking a taxi comes at a higher price. That is for sure. 

The alternative is to just travel with your own vehicle. If using your own car don’t forget to make sure it is in good condition and fit to travel long distances. It will ensure your safe travel. And if you have to pass through customs, do your research online. Find if you need a visa, a passport, or just your personal ID to have hassle free border crossing.

Traveling by car also involves paying road toll taxes. Have some cash on you as toll plazas don’t always take credit or debit cards. Some countries may offer electronic tolls. They may come at a discount price if you pay in advance.

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